Sunday, 26 February 2017

Hezbollah confirm its commander in Dara'a has been killed (Feb 25th, '17)

Hezbollah's commander in Dara'a City, Khalil Marji, aka the "Southern General" has been killed by Al-Bunian Al-Marsous ops room in Al-Manshiyah ------------------------- Image two is confirmation of the names of 31 of the 40 assad puppet regime gunmen who were killed by teenage Syrian freedom fighters in Homs on Feb 26th, '17

Images of a Da'esh Chlorine dispersal vehicle bomb in Mosul City

In addition to explosives, this vehicle bomb is also intended to expose Iraqi puppet soldiers to Chlorine vapour

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Images of a Da'esh improvised munition dropping Quadcopter

Da'esh is conducting many attacks with Quadcopters in both Iraq and Syria, and surprisingly the improvised munitions appear to be accurate------Note, the shuttlecock 'fins' on the munitions. ---------------------- Quadcopter munitions attacks on Iraqi puppet army Humvees:

A satellite image of the Hayyan gas and petroelum facilty showing its destruction by Da'esh

The strategically important Hayyan gas field was recaptured from Da'esh by Iran's puppet forces in February '17. -------------------------- However, its central processing facility was blown up by Da'esh before they withdrew. -------------------------- Before it was captured by Da'esh for the second time in 2016, it had been expensively refurbished

An image of US suppplied rifles & LMGs, taken by Da'esh from Afghan puppet soldiers

An image of a burning US supplied M1117 vehicle, abandoned by the Iraqi puppet army (Feb 25th, '17)

The Iraqi puppet army has lost numerous vehicles as it enters areas of western Mosul today, (Feb 25th, '17). ----------------------------- There are also reports today of many trapped puppet soldiers, after Da'esh counter attacks, but Da'esh has neither the manpower nor firepower to hold the Iranian's puppet army off for long. ----------------------------- Iran has access to every piece of military hardware the US Army has supplied to the Iraqi Army.

An image of one of gangster Putin's mongol terrorists in eastern Ukraine

Putin's hybrid occupation army in eastern Ukraine contains many mongol terrorists, but they are very rarely photographed. --------------------- These are the cannon fodder the kremlin gangsters claim are fighting to free the east of Ukraine from 'fascists'

Images of improvised battle wagons in service with Kurd terrorists in Syria

Kurds operate a wide variety of improvised battle wagons in Syria as a result of their lack of funding. -------------------------------- Most numerous, are the improvised D30 caterpillar wagons (Images 1-3), which are incredibly slow, and therefore have been extremely easy for Da'esh to pick them off with ATGMs and RPGs

Friday, 24 February 2017

Three images of a Iraqi puppet army humvee being destroyed by an improvised munition dropped from a Da'esh quadcopter

Da'esh are dropping these improvised munitions every day now, and surprisingly many of them appear to be very accurate. -------------------- This attack sees the Iraqi Humvee destroyed, so presumably the ammunition inside the vehicle has exploded

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

An image of Iraqi puppet army First Lieutenant Baker Abbas al-Samaraai taken a few minutes before Daesh beheaded him

Captured by Daesh near Nukhayb in Al-Anbar Governorate on Feb 19th, '17, Iraqi puppet army First Lieutenant Baker Abbas al-Samaraai has been beheaded by Daesh, together with several conscripts

An image of another Syrian child who has become a victim of the Assad/Putin war criminals

The assad and Russian monsters have murdered upwards of forty five thousand Syrian children over the last five years, as the international community has turned its back on the people of Syria, who's only crime was to want to live free from the murderous, corrupt assad family

An image of the very rudimentary improvised munitions Tehran's puppet forces in Syria are dropping from Quadcopters

In comparison to the improvised plastic munitions Daesh are dropping from quadcopters in both Iraq and Syria, the munitions the assad puppet regime forces are dropping appear extremely rudimentary. ---------------- The example in the picture has clearly failed to detonate, as many do not, due to the poor manufacturing quality Examples of the plastic bodied munitions Daesh is dropping from Quadcopters:

Tehran's puppet forces recapture the wrecked Hayyan gas processing facility in Homs Governorate

An image of the British born Daesh suicide bomber, 'Abu Zakariya al-Britani'

Daesh conducted four vehicle bomb attacks against Tehran's Iraqi puppet forces in Tel Kaysoum on Feb 19th, '17, ------------------------------- A small Iraqi puppet army camp was badly damaged, one tank was destroyed and three AFVs were badly damaged. ------------------------------- One of the bombers was al-Britani, (real name Jamal al-Harith), who blew up the main battle tank. ------------------------------- It is believed he spent time in the US Guantanamo Bay detention facility, having been arrested in Pakistan, and apparently spent time training as a nurse after his return to the UK in 2004. ------------------------------- The standard Daesh firing panel can been seen in front of al-Harith, with two firing switches, and two safeties.

Images of improvised munitions dropped from Daesh Quadcopters onto Iranian puppet forces