Tuesday, 31 January 2017

A low res recording of a Daesh attack on an isolated Iraqi puppet army outpost

Syrian Jaish al-Islam freedom fighters battle assad regime gangs in Eastern Ghouta

Syrian Furqat al-Hamza freedom fighters clash again with Daesh outside Al-Bab

Iraqi shiite puppet militiamen destroy an incoming Daesh vehicle bomb

Monday, 30 January 2017

A Saudi warship is attacked with a missile by Tehran's houthi shiite terrorists

A Daesh ATGM operator knocks out an Iraqi puppet army T-72, north of Mosul City

Iraqi explosives disposal teams are still relying on lit fuses

A brief recording of bomb damage in western Mosul, after another US terror raid on civilians

A graphic which details the five main rebel groups which have now joined Tahrir al-Sham

Tahrir al-Sham is not a puppet of the Turks, the Americans, or Jordanians ----------------------- It has been created in response to the betrayal of Syrian rebels by the Turks in particular, and can be expected to go on the offensive against the Iranians and their proxies in north western Syria.

Tehran's Hashd al-Shabi shiite terrorists fire a 9M133 ATGM round at alleged Daesh members near Tal Afar

Three Images taken today (30/1/17), of Yemen national army, and coalition forces entering the houthi terrorist's stronghold of Mocha port

The houthis have now been driven from their stronghold in Mocha port, and are trying to flee to Taiz

Sunday, 29 January 2017

An image of US soldiers in Mosul, working to spread Tehran's Islamic revolution

Three images of the smashed wreckage of a US helicopter shot down by AQAP in Al-Baydha (28/1/17)

A helicopter is believed to have crashed during an operation by US forces in Al-Baydha, (southern Yemen) over night on Jan 28th, '17 ------------------------- One US service member is confirmed dead, but it is not known if the fatality was in this machine ------------------------- Some reports the destroyed machine was an Osprey V-22

A brief recording of a clash between Daesh gunmen and assad regime gunmen in eastern Qalamoun

Saturday, 28 January 2017

A Qatari aircraft destroys a vehicle carrying houthi shiite terrorists who are trying to flee from Mocha

Tehran's houthi Shiite terrorists are attempting to flee Mocha port as the national army advances, but not all survive

The assad terror regime has confirmed Brigadier General Ali Yousef Sultan has been killed in eastern Homs

Deash conduct a night raid on Iraqi shiite militiamen, east of Tikrit

A recording of Daesh mounting a counter attack against kurd terrorists in northern Raqqa

Friday, 27 January 2017

Kurdish terrorists release a tribute image to the american gunman Albert A. Harrington

Another american gunman who was fighting alongside kurd terrorists has been killed near Ar-Raqqa ---------------------------- Harrington was killed during an ambush by Daesh

Daesh fighters display two dead kurd terrorists, after an ambush south west of Raqqa

Assad regime terror forces conduct barrel bomb & rocket attacks on villages SW of Al-Bab

Daesh use hell cannons & auto-cannons to battle shiite militias, SW of Al-Bab

Syrian Jaish al-Islam freedom fighters defend their area of the front line in Qasimiyah

Tehran's gangs have taken a significant amount of territory from the Syrian freedom fighters over the past few days in eastern Ghouta. ---------------- As ever, it is a question of numerical superiority, as many unemployed Shiites from Iraq, Pakistan, and Iran are used as cannon fodder on all the battle fronts

A motorist has a good view of a bridge between Sana'a and Hoddeidah being blown up by the Saudis

Two kurd terrorists lie dead after clashing with Daesh, west of Raqqa

A brief recording of one of the many daily clashes between Syrian rebels and Daesh affiliates in the Yarmouk basin

A brief recording from western Mosul, after a US air attack on civilians

Thursday, 26 January 2017

A brief recording of Daesh clashing with Iraqi puppet forces in eastern Mosul

Daesh have attacked Iraqi puppet forces in eastern Mosul just hours after Baghdad had claimed the entire east of the city was under its control

Four images of more weapons and ammuntion abandoned by Tehran's houthi shiite terrorists as they flee from Mocha

As Yemen's national army advances on Mocha, ammunition and weapons caches are being found, as the houthi terrorists are choosing to flee rather than fight

Daesh fire three ATGM rounds at a forward outpost of Free Syrian Army forces near Al-Bab

A Drone records itself dropping an explosive device on shiite militiamen, & a SVBIED attack in Mosul

An infographic of the 6 rebel groups who have now merged with Ahrar al-Sham (24/1/17)

As protection from Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, six rebel groups have now merged with Ahrar al-Sham. ------------------------- After failing to agree on a merger following the disaster of Aleppo, the recent infighting between rebels and JFS has now actually brought about at least a partial merger in Idlib ------------------------- The group's statement calls on Ahrar al-Sham to protect all 6 named groups from harm & to avoid any possible progression towards "extremism."

Da'esh conduct more Quadcopter bourne improvised munition attacks on Iraqi puppet forces in Mosul

Da'esh are conducting these Quadcopter attacks on Iraqi puppet forces each day now, with a surprisingly high level of accuracy.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Drones record five vehicle bomb attacks against Iraqi puppet soldiers in eastern Mosul

Syrian Northern Hawks freedom fighters go into action against Daesh in Wadi al-Jawh

A 'Southern Front' TOW operator puts a round into an assad puppet regime 57mm auto-cannon position in al-Naemeh (24/1/17)

The 'Southern Front' are US/Jordanian puppets, and to that end have not attacked the assad puppet regime for eighteen months, other than for retaliation attacks. -------------------------- One such retaliation attack occurred in al-Naemeh on Jan 24th, '17, when a TOW ATGM round was fired at a 57mm auto-cannon position, following artillery rounds being fired at civilians by the assad gang members

Daesh gunmen come under US air attack during a battle with shiite gunmen, east of Mosul

Turkish armour supports Syrian Sultan Murad Brigade freedom fighters as they advance on Al-Bab

Euphrates Shield rebels are seen in action with two ACV-15 vehicles, and with a 2A4 Leopard operating in support of them ----------------------------- One of the ACV-15s Turkey supplied to the Syrian rebels has been knocked out near Suflaniyah village, probably after being attacked with a remotely detonated bomb

US equipped Syrian freedom fighters in action against Daesh in Suflaniyah village (24/1/17)

Syrian Euphrates Shield rebels are seen fighting to capture Suflaniyah village. -------------------------------- The US weapons seen are an 82mm Mortar tube, an M2 Browning, and M16s -------------------------------- One rebel also operates a 12.7mm DShK MG

Iraqi puppet soldiers fire ATGMs and RPGs at Daesh fighters

Daesh display a downed russian Granat-4 UAV, near Tiyas airbase

Daesh claim they have brought down a russian Granat-4 UAV outside the Tiyas airbase, which was operated by assad puppet forces

A brief recording of a skirmish between Daesh and assad regime mercenaries in east Homs Governorate (24/1/17)

A handful of Daesh fighters are seen firing on assad regime mercenaries in the rugged terrain of eastern Homs Governorate

Syrian Sultan Murad Brigade freedom fighters begin a fresh advance against Daesh outside Al-Bab (24/1/17)

The Euphrates Shield operation has stalled around Al-Bab, due to fierce resistance by Daesh, and also to the fact the attacks are mounted on just two fronts --------------------------- Al-Bab is still not surrounded, and as such is becoming a target for Iranian puppet forces now. --------------------------- The freedom fighters are seen with a Turkish Army Otokar ZPT @ 5secs

Images of another three kurdish communist terrorists who were destroyed by Turkish security forces

Another three Kurd terrorists who have crossed from Syria into Turkey, lie dead ---------------------------- Hundreds were ambushed in 2016, and presumably hundreds more will be in 2017

An image of the standard detonation firing system used by Daesh for its suicide vehicle bombs in Tehran's Iraqi puppet state

Over 800 of these detonation systems have been manufactured by Daesh over the past two years -------------------------- Each has two firing switches and two safeties, as insurance against possible faulty wiring

Saudi Hadi loyalists use a lot of firepower to advance against houthi shiite terrorists

Hadi loyalists of the Saudis continue to push Tehran's houthi Shiite terrorists back in northern Yemen --------------------------- They are also amongst the groups to have reached Mocha port on Jan 24th, '17, ending two years of control by the houthis

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

A brief recording of a Hadi Saudi loyalist fighter firing an MG-3 after his unit had come under fire from houthi shiite terrorists on high ground

Hadi loyalists of the Saudis are some of the very toughest fighters battling the Iranian backed houthi shiite terrorists in Yemen

Iraqi puppet soldiers destroy a Daesh vehicle bomb as it approaches their column

Al-Rahman Corps freedom fighters conduct another TOW attack on a Daesh target on the Jabal Betra front: eastern Qalamoun

Faylaq al-Rahman is using its last TOWs on the stalemated front in Jabal Betra

Infra-red CCTV records a failed attack by Daesh on Iraqi puppet forces

A Syrian Al-Rahman Corps freedom fighter puts a TOW round into a Daesh vehicle in Eastern Qalamoun

A unit which appears to be a hybrid of the Al-Rahman Corps, and the Forces of Martyr Alabdo operates a TOW system in eastern Qalamoun -------------------------- Presumably the supply of TOWs which has been extremely limited over the past year will be stopping completely now, but of course the Gulf states could supply other ATGM systems if they chose to, but they do not.

Monday, 23 January 2017

A brief recording of Daesh firing Grad rockets and artillery shells into Tiyas airbase

As is true of all of Daesh's battle fronts, its assault on the Tiyas airbase has now faltered, due to the overwhelming numerical superiority of the assad puppet forces there.

A Daesh ATGM team has crippled a Hezbollah operated T90A, in Khanasser, Aleppo

Daesh fighters have knocked out a T90A, operated by Hezbollah terrorists in Khanasser today (23/1/17) ----------------------- Only two T90s are thought to have been destroyed in Syria since they began arriving from Russia in late 2015

A brief recording of a Da'esh drone improvised munition attack on Iraqi puppet soldiers in eastern Mosul

Syrian Jaish al-Izzah freedom fighters have found a downed Russian made Orlan-10 UAV in northern Hama

The latest situation graphic of Deir EzZour City shows Daesh has advanced against assad puppet forces into the Panorama area (22/1/17)

The area highlighted in blue shows the 'Panorama' area of Deir EzZour City which has been captured by Daesh since 21st, Jan, '17 --------------------------------- The entire airbase/airport pocket perimeter is shown as contested (highlighted in purple). --------------------------------- Russian aircraft have been heavily bombing Deir EzZour for three days now, and reinforcements are being flown from Damascus to Qamishlo airfield, (Image one). so it is unlikely Daesh will make any further gains. --------------------------------- The Russian barbarians have been bombing battle-fronts, such as the cemetery hills area, and residential areas alike --------------------------------- Daesh killed 16 regime loyalists at the Panorama roundabout, (Image three), but have withdrawn from it after heavy Russian air attacks --------------------------------- Conscripts and NDF militiamen who fled from the battle fronts are being executed by assad death squads

Hundreds of Syrians trained as Euphrates Shield policemen in Turkey chant ''Long live Erdogan'' in parade

Syrians who have been trained as Policemen in Turkey chant 'Long Live Erdogan', during their course completion parade. -------------------------- They are all due to be sent to Jarablus

Three images of Daesh IEDs disguised as rocks

US trained shiite Iraqi federal police bring american values to Mosul

Sunni citizens are forced to act as dogs and donkeys for the amusement of the shiites

A drone records a deadly Jaish al-Mujahideen mortar attack on Iranians in the Aleppo military academy

A number of Tehran's occupiers are killed by a mortar impact in the military academy in western Aleppo

Daesh bring assad regime loyalists under attack south of Deir EzZour city (22/1/17)

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Saudi soldiers recover weapons and the body of one of Tehran's houthi shiite terrorists (20/1/17)

Two images of Kurds in Iran's Army calling for the overthrow of the murderous regime in Tehran

Two Kurds who are on compulsory military service in Iran's Army, celebrate the 71st anniversary of the 'Republic of Kurdistan', and call for the Mullahs in Tehran to be overthrown

A Jaish al-Izzah TOW operator destroys a 14.5mm MG in a small outpost (Northern Hamah)

One of Iran's houthi shiite terrorists says 'Death to America, death to Israel' (52secs) after destroying a pick-up

Another pick up vehicle of the Saudi Border guards is destroyed by a houthi terrorist's remotely detonated bomb -------------------- This attack occurs on Mount Qais

The americans send billion dollar B2 aircraft from Missouri to bomb Daesh pick-ups in Libya

USAF B2 bombers from the Whiteman Air Base in Missouri carry out an attack on Da'esh pick ups in what must be one of the most pointlessly expensive military attacks ever conducted

Daesh terrorist ATGM attack compilation against Turkish Army AFVs near Al-Bab

Another senior Hezbollah terrorist is confirmed dead in Syria

The operational commander of Hezbollah at Tiyas airbase, Ahmed Rabea Nabiya, has been confirmed killed on Jan 19th, '17 ---------------------------- Presumably he was killed by a very lucky artillery or rocket strike, as he would not have been at the base perimeter defences ---------------------------- Image two shows another assad regime Brigadier General who is also confirmed dead, Asaf Badour was killed on Jan 20th, '17, by freedom fighters in Qaboun, Damascus ---------------------------- Image three shows the commander of the NDF death squad in Deir EzZour City, Adel Aziz, who was confirmed killed on Jan 18th, '17

A Mujahideen Army TOW operator blows up foreign shiite terrorists near the Hakima school, in southern Aleppo

A drone records foreign shiite terrorists panicking as two artillery rounds hit the Aleppo military academy

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Houthi shiite terrorists fire on and kill border guards in Saudi Arabia

A Saudi aircraft destroys an Iranian vessel carrying weapons for houthi shiite terrorists

Assad and Russian barbarians are now trying to destroy Deir EzZour as they destroyed eastern Aleppo (21/1/17)

The Russian barbarians and their assad puppets are engaged now in random terror raids on the people of Deir EzZour city ----------------------------- In the insane minds of these state terrorists, they probably blame the people of Deir EzZour city for the assault by Daesh which is underway there

A Saudi AH-64 destroys a cache of houthi shiite terrorists ammunition, on the Saudi border (19/1/17)

A AH-64 crew identify a cache of ammunition and a vehicle which were left by Tehran's houthi shiite terrorists on the Saudi/Yemen border.

A Jaish al-Izzah TOW operator fires a round at shiite terrorists in North Souran, (Hama) (20/1/17)

Daesh defeat Kurd terrorists with hand grenades in close combat (NE of Aleppo)

A recording of intense close combat NE of Aleppo, between US backed Kurd terrorists and Daesh --------------------------------- The Kurds appear to be silenced by a hand grenade --------------------------------- Many of the Kurds in Syria are not effective fighters, unless they have US aircraft bombing every target for them

A drone records two Daesh vehicle bomb attacks against Syrian freedom fighters near Al-Bab

Syrian freedom fighters are attacked by two Daesh vehicle bombs near Al-Bab --------------------------------- The BMP bomb is hit repeatedly as its approaches the FSA positions, but continues to its target

Houthi shiite terrorists destroy a light vehicle in Jizan province, with a remotely detonated bomb (20/1/17)

Tehran's houthi shiite terrorists conduct what is now an increasingly rare terror attack inside Saudi Arabia. -------------------------- This vehicle is on the Qais Mount

Houthi shiite terrorists destroy a light vehicle of Yemen's National Army with a ATGM round near Marib (19/1/17)

Syrian Furqat al-Safwa freedom fighters shell shiite terrorists positions with a M-46 130mm howtizer

A captured M-46 howitzer is used to shell foreign Shiite terrorists occupying Aleppo, but as ever the number of shells fired is far too low.

Two houthi shiite terrorists are very relieved to have been taken prisoner by Yemen's National Army (20/1/17)

Tehran's houthi Shiite terrorists are being steadily driven back by Yemen's National Army in their Sana'a province stronghold now, and these two wounded houthis are relieved to have survived the Army's advance -------------------------------- Not so fortunate was the senior houthi terrorist leader, Khaled al-Madani, who is confirmed killed in the Nimr district of Sana'a (Image one) -------------------------------- al-Madani was a very close associate of the houthi's leader, Abdulmalik al-Houthi, who after two months of significant defeats must now be wondering if and how he can reach Iran

A drone records a AFV vehicle bomb attack on Turkish forces near Suflaniyah (20/1/17)

Two vehicle bombs were sent against Turkish and FSA forces near Suflaniyah village yesterday ------------------------------- Turkish forces confirmed 5 of their soldiers were killed with 9 wounded, by one of the attacks

Four images of knocked out/abandoned Turkish AFVs, near Al-Bab (19/1/17)

Image One shows a Sabra which was abandoned to the west of Al-Bab --------------------------- Image two shows a 2A4 which was knocked out south of Al-Bab --------------------------- Image three shows a 2A4, and a ACV-15 which were abandoned near Suflaniyah (The 2A4 has shed a track) --------------------------- Image four shows a Kobra which was abandoned to the north west of Al-Bab

Friday, 20 January 2017

Syrian Furqat al-Hamza freedom fighters commence a new assault against Daesh invaders east of Al-Bab (19/1/17)

Syrian Liwa al-Moutasem freedom fighters battle Daesh invaders near Al-Bab (19/1/17

A brief recording of another assault on Daesh positions south of Al-Bab by Liwa al-Moutasem freedom fighters ----------------------- The US supplied weapons seen are M2 Brownings, a M249 SAW, and M16s

Four images of the Daesh AMB-s bomb attack against Turkish/FSA forces near Suflaniyah village today (20/1/17)

Daesh have released three images of the AMB-s SVBIED attack on FSA and Turkish forces near Suflaniyah village today (20/1/17) -------------------------- The AMB-s is the battlefield ambulance variant of the BMP -------------------------- The driver was Abu Musab, from Idlib -------------------------- Suflaniyah village remains a fiercely contested zone currently

Images of three destroyed Turkish Army Leopard 2A4s, which were destroyed by Daesh near Al-Bab

Three smashed Leopard 2A4 tanks sit smashed on the plain outside Al-Bab. ----------------------------- The 2A4's performance to date against ATGMs has been poor

Yemen National Army forces continue to advance in the Nihm district, past smashed vehicles of the houthis (18/1/17)

Tehran's houthi shiite terrorists are now under heavy attack in their strongholds in the Nimr district, near the capital, Sana'a

Images of more dead assad loyalists in Deir Ez-Zour

Up to a hundred assad mercenaries and loyalists have been killed by Daesh in Deir Ez-Zour in the past few days up to Jan 20th, '17 ---------------------------------- Generally though, the assad forces retreat rather than fight